• Hide Away Safe System was granted ‘SCEC Endorsed’ (ASIO: Australian security Intelligence Organisation) status for use in the highest -most stringent security applications within Australian Commonwealth departments and agencies for the secure ‘storage – transfer and carriage’ of National Security Classified Material.

    Endorsement reference numbers:
    eA969308 – eA969309 – eA969310

    This endorsement was granted after 3 years of deliberation – exhaustive trials and testing and, other than ‘specific-application’ related lock systems – with very little enhancement (details confidential) from the standard models which have been on offer for over 15 years.

    Whilst this ‘SCEC Endorsement Level’ may not necessarily be a pre-requisite for your purchase, it does however, show the level of proficiency that the Australian made Hide Away Safe System is held in by the Commonwealth Government and the Military, and should therefore offer a very high level of user confidence when protecting your valuables, IT assets and sensitive information while travelling, and, at both a work place and within a home environment. Customer Satisfaction is our Highest Priority. Hide Away Safe System – Enhancing Your Security Options. Very Serious Security for Very Serious Problems. Portability – The New Security Frontier. Limited
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