About Us

HideAwaySafes.com Limited is the exclusive New Zealand agent and international distributor for the Australian made Hide Away Safe range of products.

The Hide Away Safe is manufactured in Australia by an ISO 9002 Accredited company, Certification No. 7514 (Reg. No. QEC 10530).


e safe pistolsWe believe the Hide Away Safe to be the most exciting new security product available anywhere in the world today, it’s

  • Portable
  • Relocatable
  • Lightweight

Whether you need to secure your valuable possessions at home, at work, in a vehicle or boat, or in all four, a single Hide Away Safe will perform this function at each location in the most cost effective way available and really give peace of mind.

The Hide Away Safe is a high security portable safe made from Impact Modified Lexan Polycarbonate, that it is virtually indestructible, it withstands incredible abuse.

safebrokenopenThe Hide Away Safe consists of two parts; a neat docking station (or installation kit) which can be mounted anywhere, at any angle (even upside down) using screws, bolts or epoxy. The Safe box itself fits into the docking station.

The Safe box slides into the dock and is locked with a key, rendering the mounting screws/bolts inacessible and making the unit theft proof.

Weighing just 1.5kgs, measuring 360mm long, 185mm wide and 70mm deep, the Hide Away Safe can be hidden away in just about any out-of-sight location you can think of.

One of the unique features of the Hide Away Safe is that additional docking stations are readily available, which allows the Safe box to be transferred from one secure location to another. Furthermore, installing a docking station in the car ensures complete security throughout the transfer process.

E safe floor mountIn a vehicle, the unit can be installed under the rear parcel shelf, or vertically on a steel bracket assembly.

The Safe box has a securely locked lid, allowing the unit to be taken from one location to another without the contents being uncovered – secure at all times.